About Mobilitybase

Providing a service

At Mobilitybase we supply, maintain and comprehensively warranty through floor lifts and residential elevators for use in a domestic situation.

For us, the supply and installation of your home lift is just the beginning. With any kind of lift, from stair lifts and home lifts through to residential elevators, the after care you receive is as much a factor in deciding who to buy from as the lift itself.

Our business was founded on service and maintenance for other companies. To this day we still provide a 24hr 365 days a year call out and breakdown service to not only our own customers, but to several other manufacturers and individual lift companies.

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Mobilitybase providing a Service

Working with our customers

We have been working hard to provide the level of service that our customers expect. Utilising some of the latest technologies and software solutions allows our office team to instantly communicate with our technicians via an engineer app.

All information passed backwards and forwards from the app and our office team is available for our customers via a customer portal where they can see up to date information on their home lift including warranty status and servicing schedule.

This is a 24/7/365 operation for total peace of mind that someone will be there to take the details of anything that may go wrong with your lift if, and when ever something may go wrong.

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Your security is our highest priority

We take data protection very seriously, we are committed to making sure that your information is kept safe.

Nothing that you provide us with regarding your personal information is ever shared with anyone else. Even within our own business, only the people that need to know something actually get to know.

All of the information passed between our team about you is confidential and as such, anything digital is encrypted. Even this 'Mobilitybase' website uses HTTPS encryption to ensure that your browsing experience with us is private.