Stair Lifts and Hoists

Mobilitybase stairlifts and hoists

Where a through floor home lift installation is not possible, we offer a range of stairlifts to meet the needs of our customers gaining access to the upper floor of their home.

In the same way as our home lift installations, every stair lift installation completed by Mobilitybase comes with a full 12 months comprehensive warranty for all parts and labour.

We have carefully selected a range of stairlifts designed to meet the individual needs of the user. All our stair lifts have a swivel seat and a folding foot plate as standard. Many of these can be upgraded with a powered swivel seat and foot plate if needed.

Our straight stairlifts are built to last, with low maintenance and high reliability. They run on maintenance free DC power packs, which are automatically recharged at the end of every trip. This type of power ensures that the stairlifts are safe to use, and are incredibly smooth.

Flow is the only stairlift on the market which is capable of swivelling during the ride both up and down the stairs. This unique and patented feature makes the Flow stairlift capable of fitting most staircases, straight, around corners or even spiral. This compact stairlift looks simple on the outside but the technology on the inside is extremely ingenious. The angle of the staircase can vary from -70° up to 70°.

If your staircase features corners, landings, spirals or other bends, then you need the Platinum Curve. Hand-built in the UK and featuring our innovative ERGO seat, the Curve is the ultimate stairlift solution for you and your home.

If your staircase runs in a straight line from top to bottom, with no landings or corners, then you need the Platinum Horizon. The Horizon features a single rail design and comes with a choice of ERGO or Standard seats, to deliver a tailored stairlift solution. When it comes to straight and simple, there is no better choice than a Platinum Horizon stair lift

This Handicare stairlift provides a safe, smooth and comfortable ride up even the most complicated of curved staircases. It consists of a single tubular track, which is less than 8 cm. in diameter. Moreover, the track is available in three standard colors and optional in any RAL color for an additional charge. It runs almost silently and the most compact design allows plenty of space for other stair users.

The Simplicity+ straight stairlift comes with the Smart seat and optional powered features. For those requiring powered options, the Simplicity+ is a stylish solution to overcome the challenges of climbing straight stairs. The Simplicity + is compatible with the Slide Track, powered and manual hinge systems so if you have a doorway close to the bottom of your stairs the Simplicity+ offers you a range of solutions to prevent the track from causing an obstruction.

The 2000 is a well established and versatile stairlift system with the tighest track bends available in the industry. It can accomodate a wide range of stair configurations and will hug the edge of your staircase leaving you with more room. The twin rail system provides a safe and smooth ride. It is available in two colors as standard, light grey or gun metal, but can actually be supplied in any color to match your décor.

Internal track (5m + 1 or 2 x 90° bend) External track (7m + 1 or 2 x 90° bend)

Chiltern Invadex have developed a range of tracking hoists which can be combined with Wispa track and accessories to create a bespoke system meeting the unique requirements of each user. Our experienced surveyors are able to design schemes from simple bed to chair, chair to WC transfers through to entire room coverage providing numerous pick up points.