All service agreements are based upon the equipment being fully functional on commencement of the service. Any outstanding work that was necessary before the agreement will be void from the service contract. All equipment will be serviced at the beginning of the contract, and a report will be compiled to assess its condition. The opportunity will be given at the time of the service to have any or all of the outstanding work rectified. This will eliminate the need for a return visit incurring a call out charge. In the event of further breakdowns directly resulting from any outstanding work will be chargeable.

To ensure the cover of any equipment, a new contract must be established before the expiry of the previous. This will eliminate the need for a reassessment. In the event of equipment being successfully covered before the end of a previous agreement, a service call will be made within the first 6 weeks of the new contract, any outstanding repairs will be made free of charge, providing that they were not void from the agreement when it was initially started.

All servicing visits are made at the beginning of a new contract, new installations are serviced at the time of installation. In the event of 6 monthly and quarterly agreements, a further visit and further three visits will be made respectively.

For installations by Mobilitybase Ltd, full warranty cover will commence from the date of installation. This will expire on the anniversary of this date multiplied by the number of years cover initially agreed. After this time the above points will apply.

For gold and silver contracts, a maximum response time of 24 hours may be applied to any call out, however, in most cases this will not apply and the repair will be made on the same day as reported, an assessment of the severity of each call will be made at the time of the reported problem, it will be discussed with the client, and a suitable time arranged for the repair to be made.

For gold and silver contracts, all call-outs within the guarantee period will be free of charge and any parts on a gold contract required for rectification of the equipment will also be supplied free of charge. The following exceptions will apply at all timesWe reserve the right to charge for a call out for all exceptions.

1.             Equipment that is switched off.

2.             Damage or malfunction to equipment that is a result of user error or items dropped into the mechanism. 

3.             Remote control handset batteries.

4.             Battery powered lifts not parked on charging points resulting in damaged batteries.

5.             Battery powered lifts with flat batteries due to none replacement at the appropriate time.

6.             Parts that do not prevent the lift from functioning. E.G. we will not replace something if the lift is working.

7.             Obsolescence - Warranty does not cover lifts where the parts are no longer available or the manufacturer is no longer trading.

8.             Main Parts Failure - Cost of warranty will be deducted from the cost of a replacement lift.

Battery Powered Equipment

All equipment that is powered by batteries will be covered under the comprehensive guarantee for one year. These items are expected to be replaced at least every three years. A warranty will be given for these items based on the following points.

1.             Batteries fitted by Mobilitybase Ltd will be supplied with a 1 year warranty based upon the equipment being covered by a current warranty from Mobilitybase Ltd.

2.             The batteries must be replaced at least every three years and purchased from Mobilitybase Ltd.

3.             Lifts covered by a comprehensive service agreement by Mobilitybase Ltd for over 3 years, will receive a new set of batteries on commencement of the fourth year free of charge.

It is expected that all equipment is looked after and kept clean by the user whilst under a warranty by Mobilitybase Ltd. Any non-essential parts of equipment that becomes worn out due to usual wear and tear will not be covered by the warranty. As an example, if any upholstered item becomes worn, this will not be replaced as part of the warranty. Main parts such as the drive motor or Main PCB are not covered but the warranty cost or part thereof will be deducted from the cost of a replacement lift which must be purchased from Mobilitybase.