Elegant Residential Elevators

Residential Elevator

Residential elevators are an added feature to your home. Often increasing the value of the property. They offer an alternative means to climbing stairs for one or two people standing or one person seated.

Designed to serve 2 floors of a property, a residential elevator can be installed in to most property types making life just that little bit easier. Stay near your loved ones, in the house and neighbourhood where you have always felt at home in.

Your home is unique, so make the lift your own. A wide range of colours and finishes allow you to match the lift with your existing décor. It will become a truly elegant feature in your house.

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Features and Options

All essential safety features are included as standard. Pressure sensitive safety edges stop the lift gently if an obstruction is detected either above or below, while a battery backup allows the user to return to the ground floor in the event of a power cut.

  • Customise with many feature and finish options
  • Fire protection between the upper and lower floors
  • Safety surfaces stop the lift on an obstruction
  • Lift cannot travel unless the door is closed
  • Battery backup in the event of a power failure
  • Cabin lighting for travelling to a darkened room
  • Load capacity of 250kg (39 stone)

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