Straight Rail Stair Lift Warranty Cover

Regular servicing of your straight rail stairlift is essential for the safe operation and continued use of your lift.

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No matter what type of warranty cover you choose, During our initial first visit, Mobilitybase will perform a full service to your lift, identifying any parts that may be required to bring your lift back up to a full safe working condition.

Once the lift is in good working order, your selected warranty type will commence. Ongoing GOLD warranty renewals are automatically covered and do not incur any charges for parts required.

  • 1 Service Visit Included
  • Parts and Labour Not Included
  • Pay-as-you-go Breakdown Cover
  • Reduced Rates For Parts
  • Office Hours Engineer Availability
  • Automatic Renewal Reminder
  • 1 Service Visit Included
  • Parts Not Included
  • Priority Breakdown Cover
  • Reduced Rates For Parts
  • 24/7/365 Availability
  • Automatic Renewal Reminder
  • 1 Service Visit Included
  • Parts and Labour Included
  • Priority Breakdown Cover
  • All Essential Parts FOC
  • 24/7/365 Availability
  • Automatic Renewal Reminder


For new customers, an initial service visit is required to assess the condition of your lift. Any parts required to bring the lift back up to a safe working condition will be chargeable prior to any warranty being supplied.

  • Bronze includes access to our 24/7 on call receptionist to log faults. Attendance will be made the next working day.
  • Bronze and Silver part prices are supplied at a reduced rate.
  • Obsolete parts no longer available as new will be sourced from second hand stock wherever possible.
  • Lifts over 3 years old that are considered a total loss or uneconomical to repair will be replaced at a reduced cost.
  • Main component failure on lifts over 3 years old I.E. main drive motor or main controller PCB are considered uneconomical to repair.
  • Warranty does not cover total loss lifts. Instead a discount will be applied to the cost of replacing the lift.
  • Replacement lift discount will not be less than the outstanding value of the warranty already paid.
  • Gold contract warranty includes unlimited call outs and all standard parts.

All accounts are paid in advance.

Please read the terms and conditions of our warranty cover before signing up to one of our service agreements.