Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some popular questions and answers about home lifts that may help you make an easier and more informed choice about your through the floor lift installation. If we have not answered your questions fully, please feel free to get in touch where we would be pleased to discuss any requirements that you may have.

Absolutely, we offer a range of Homelifts in several sizes from compact and discreet seated Homelifts through to larger wheelchair carrying Through the Floor Lifts and two person lifts.

If you choose our discreet compact Homelift, the space it takes is the same as sitting in a dining room chair plus about 60mm all the way around the boundaries of your arms and knees for the frame of the lift.

This is a good question and depends somewhat on the model of lift purchased. All of our compact Homelifts leave the area clear with the rails of the lift neatly up against the wall.

Every Homelift from Mobilitybase is equipped with a battery backup system that allows the through floor lift to be safely lowered to the ground floor.

From start to finish including all of the building work, a Homelift installation can usually be completed within 3 days, this does depend on the construction of your home and the Homelift model ordered but as a rule of thumb, 90% of all installations are complete in the 3 days.

There are two types of lifting mechanisms in use for all homelifts, these are 'Traction' utilising pulleys and ropes or 'Hydraulic' which uses oil. Both systems have their merits and Mobilitybase offers both. In general terms the 'Traction' unit will be the quietest in operation.

Planning permission is not required for Homelift installations although a Building Notice application is made to the local Building Control department for your area where a representative may visit during the building work stage.

The usual lead time for a Homelift is four to six weeks from the date of order. We offer a priority service for those that require a lift in a shorter period of time.

All Homelifts can be removed with the minimum of disruption and the aperture work reversed so that the floor and ceiling are re-instated ready for decoration.

Regular servicing prevents most Homelift failures. In the unlikely event that your Homelift breaks down, Mobilitybase run a 24/7/365 out of hours on-call engineer service to help you get your lift back into working order.